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2022 State of Gaming Report - Four Key Industry Issues

Insights From Fans on Four Key Trends Facing the Gaming Industry

Evelyn Sum


B2B Marketing


sept 13, 2022

Unlock the Minds of Gaming Fans

Fandom's 2022 State of Gaming report dives into the hottest topics, trends and issues facing the gaming industry including NFTs, the Metaverse, Subscriptions & Bundles and Competitive Gaming. Fandom is home to 115 million highly engaged gaming fans across 17 million pages of content within over 100,000 unique gaming communities. By coupling Fandom's robust, proprietary data with a custom global study, Fandom puts the biggest topics in the gaming industry to the test by examining real consumer behaviors and the true fan POV.

Subscription Offers and Bundles: Untangling the Web

The gaming industry has witnessed a wave of consolidation in recent times, leading to the emergence of multiple subscription offers and bundles. Fandom's report sheds light on how fans perceive this trend. Does the abundance of options confuse players, or do they embrace the variety? Gain a comprehensive understanding of fan sentiments surrounding subscription-based gaming and discover how brands can navigate this evolving landscape.

The Metaverse: Building Brand Presence

With an increasing amount of time being spent in Metaverse environments, the question arises: Is it time for brands to establish their presence in this virtual realm? Fandom's report captures the opinions of gaming fans on the Metaverse phenomenon. Uncover the potential benefits and challenges of immersing brands in these digital worlds, and gain insights into how this emerging trend is impacting the gaming landscape.

NFTs in Gaming: Are We There Yet?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have gained significant attention and controversy in the gaming industry. But are they truly mainstream amongst gamers? Fandom's report provides an in-depth analysis of fan attitudes towards gaming NFTs. Discover whether game developers and players are ready to invest in this new frontier, and explore the implications of NFTs for the future of gaming.

Tournaments and Live Streams: The Power of Competitive Gaming

As esports and competitive gaming continue to soar in popularity, the report delves into the preferred formats for reaching the competitive gaming audience. Are tournaments and live streams truly the most valued platforms? Gain insights into how fans engage with competitive gaming content, and uncover strategies for effectively capturing the attention of this passionate and dedicated audience.

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