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Inside Anime 2023 - A Young, Diverse, and Growing Fanbase

Fandom reaches 43 million Anime fans every month - This study will help brands better understand the interests and mindset of this massive fanbase, the advertising opportunity they represent, and how best to reach them on Fandom.

Evelyn Sum


B2B Marketing


ene 27, 2023

The Anime Market Will Reach $44B In 2027 - And Is Still Largely Untapped

Are you interested in reaching a young and multicultural audience that is passionate about entertainment & gaming?

Then anime fans are your target! Global demand for the genre has grown 118% in the past two years. The global anime market was valued at $24B+ in 2020, and is projected to grow to $44B by 2027.

Demand for anime series has skyrocketed, with many titles reaching the top of the charts for non-English language shows. This growth in consumer demand has reached mainstream streaming platforms, where Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and others have focused on the genre, adding new series and increased visibility.

Despite anime's accelerating popularity, few advertisers have embraced the category, creating a unique opportunity for brands to engage with anime fans in a meaningful way.

Anime fans are highly engaged - 78% of anime fans watch anime daily or weekly. These fans are not just interested in anime, they are also enthusiasts of the adventure, action, and fantasy genres. With over 60% of anime fans being avid gamers—and in the market for new technology—relevant brands have a captive audience that is eager to explore and engage.

The best part? 71% of anime fans agree that Fandom is their go-to resource for all their anime questions.

Download the full report to see how you can tap into this emerging market.

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