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And or AND may refer to:


  • 1Logic, grammar, and computing
  • 2Arts and media
  • 3Businesses and organizations
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Logic, grammar, and computing[edit]

  • Conjunction (grammar), connecting two words, phrases, or clauses
  • Logical conjunction in mathematical logic, notated as , , &, or simple juxtaposition
  • Bitwise AND, a boolean operation in programming, typically notated as and or &
  • Short-circuit and, a short-circuit operator, notated &&, and, and then, etc.
  • Ampersand, the symbol "&", representing "and"
  • AND gate, in electronics

Arts and media[edit]

  • And (John Martyn album), 1996
  • And (Koda Kumi album), 2018
  • And, a 2007 album by Jonah Matranga

Businesses and organizations[edit]

  • Alberta New Democratic Party, formerly Alberta New Democrats
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, US
  • Associated Northcliffe Digital, of Associated Newspapers and Northcliffe Newspapers Group
  • Automotive Navigation Data, digital map supplier
  • AND Corporation, biometrics
  • AND CO, software subsidiary of Fiverr


  • Anderson Regional Airport, South Carolina, US, IATA airport code
  • Anderston railway station, Scotland, National Rail code

Other uses[edit]

  • Allow natural death, a medical term
  • "And" theory of conservatism
  • Andorra, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code
  • Andromeda (constellation), abbreviation
  • Ansus language, ISO 639-3 code

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