About Privacy Sandbox

Privacy Sandbox is an ongoing initiative to preserve the open web that will help safeguard you from tracking mechanisms.

Today, websites rely on many technologies, like third-party cookies, for important services like showing relevant ads and measuring a site’s performance.

Privacy Sandbox preserves the vitality of the open web by creating better ways to perform these services—without breaking sites, and while preventing you from being surreptitiously tracked across the web.

Privacy Sandbox is still in active development and is available in selected regions. For now, sites may try out Privacy Sandbox while continuing to use current web technologies like third-party cookies. Learn more

When enabled, sites may use the privacy-preserving techniques shown here to provide their content and services. These include alternatives to cross-site tracking. More trials may be added over time.

  • Advertisers can learn when thousands of users share a similar interest—like a crowd at a concert—and select ads for the crowd, rather than an individual person.
  • Advertisers can study the effectiveness of ads in a way that does not track you across sites.
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