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  • ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS, a video game for Mac, Linux and Windows
  • 3RRR, a community radio station, based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Ridge Racer Revolution, a racing game developed by Namco
  • Residual resistance ratio, a method to detect the amount of impurities in metal


  • RRRecords, a record label
  • Roots Rock Riot, a 2007 album by Skindred
  • Rhythm, Rhyme, Results, an educational music company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
  • River Runs Red, the debut album from Brooklyn, New York band Life of Agony, released in 1993


  • Red River Rivalry, the Oklahoma-Texas college football rivalry game
  • Required run rate, a scoring statistic in limited-overs cricket
  • Double R Racing, formerly Räikkönen Robertson Racing, a Formula 3 racing team


  • Reed Research Reactor, a research nuclear reactor used by Reed College


  • Relative risk reduction, a statistical term used in biostatistics and epidemiology


  • RRR (film), an Indian Telugu-language film
  • Rubicon Research Repository
  • Required rate of return, a value indicating the minimum return that investors expect from an investment
  • Required reserve ratio, or reserve ratio requirement, a regulation that sets the minimum reserves each bank must hold to customer deposits and note
  • Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, a weather occurrence
  • The three Rs, reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic, a basic education term
  • Rotors running refueling, a method of hot refuelling helicopters
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids, a Ubisoft game

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