Privacy and security


Safe Browsing

Enhanced protection

Faster, proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions. Warns you about password breaches. Requires browsing data to be sent to Google.

Predicts and warns you about dangerous events before they happen

Keeps you safe on Chrome and may be used to improve your security in other Google apps when you are signed in

Improves security for you and everyone on the web

Warns you if passwords are exposed in a data breach

Sends URLs to Safe Browsing to check them. Also sends a small sample of pages, downloads, extension activity, and system information to help discover new threats. Temporarily links this data to your Google Account when you're signed in, to protect you across Google apps.

Standard protection

Standard protection against websites, downloads, and extensions that are known to be dangerous.

Detects and warns you about dangerous events when they happen

Checks URLs with a list of unsafe sites stored in Chrome. If a site tries to steal your password, or when you download a harmful file, Chrome may also send URLs, including bits of page content, to Safe Browsing.

Help improve security on the web for everyone

Sends URLs of some pages you visit, limited system information, and some page content to Google, to help discover new threats and protect everyone on the web. Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach

Chrome periodically checks your passwords against lists that have been published online. When doing this, your passwords and usernames are encrypted, so they can’t be read by anyone, including Google. No protection (not recommended)

Does not protect you against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions. You’ll still get Safe Browsing protection, where available, in other Google services, like Gmail and Search.


Use secure DNS

Determines how to connect to websites over a secure connection Manage security keys

Reset security keys and create PINs

Manage certificates

Manage HTTPS/SSL certificates and settings

Google Advanced Protection Program

Safeguards the personal Google Accounts of anyone at risk of targeted attacks

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