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Inside Fandom 2022 - Decoding Fan Identity

Fandom Unveils Four Unique Fan Identity Segments & Outlines How Marketers Can Best Harness Them in Their 4th Annual Inside Fandom Study

Evelyn Sum


B2B Marketing


Nov 17, 2022

Decoding Fan Identity and Unlocking Audience Engagement

Did you know that there are 102 million Star Wars fans in the U.S. alone? That's bigger than the population of Germany! And the 81 million fans of Fortnite? That's more Fortnite fans than there are men 18 - 34 in the U.S.

With audiences that vast, it's never been more important for marketers to understand the makeup of their fan base and what motivates them. We uncover an entirely new way to understand and engage with fans in our 4th annual Inside Fandom study (formerly State of Fandom), a proprietary data + research report that dives deep into the changing mindset of fans.


Colton Dunn
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Director, and Producer of Superstore, Key & Peele, and the upcoming Netflix series, The Recruit


  • Mindy Hamilton: Senior Vice President, Global Partnership Marketing & Strategy, The Walt Disney Company

  • Jason Croddy: SVP Group Director of Brand Strategy, Canvas Worldwide

  • Perkins Miller: CEO, Fandom

  • Ali Saraniti: Director, Sales Research & Insights, Fandom

  • Oke Mueller: Vice President, Player Insights, Activision

  • Spencer Kaplan: Global Head of Creative Marketing, Entertainment, Riot Games

Understanding the Foundation of Fan Identity

In this year's Inside Fandom, we shift the perception of a "fan" from a binary definition to a more dynamic and complex classification, rooted in Fan Identity. Discover four fascinating fan archetypes and their unique reaction and relationship to their favorite content and learn how marketers can effectively leverage these insights to drive audience growth.

Activating Fanbases: Success Stories and Case Studies

We use compelling case studies on industry leaders including Disney, Activision Blizzard, and Riot Games, to learn more about why they've so successfully connected with fanbases.

Gain invaluable insights into how these industry leaders have created, nurtured, and celebrated their unique fanbases - and how success all ties back to understanding the self image and motivation of their fans. Uncover strategies, tactics, and campaigns that have yielded remarkable results and left a lasting impact on pop culture.

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Watch 2022 Inside Fandom On Demand to learn more about the four unique Fan Identities, and how each contribute to the engagement of every fanbase!

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