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Harness the Value of Fanatical Attention

Put your brand front and center with our massive audience of 350 million fans worldwide while they’re open and engaged, diving deep on their favorite entertainment and games.

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of Fans

Will buy from brands that support their interests. Access the inner circle of our global audience, spanning 200 countries in more than 80 languages.

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Video Views

From Honest Trailers to game reviews, from custom videos to live streaming events, we have a wide range of opportunities to drive viewership and engagement with fans.

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Device ID's

Fandom’s first-party data is cookieless and offers thousands of ways to segment and reach fans—by interests, demographics, behavioral traits and more.

Fan Journey
Contextually relevant ads are 27% more likely to break through the noise.

Surround Pivotal Entertainment & Gaming Moments

In the run up to big releases, fans dive deep across our communities, spiking our wiki traffic up to 110% and giving you the chance to put your brand message in a highly viewable, engaging environment with enthusiastic, leaned-in fans.

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Support Niche & Emerging Fandoms

Get in on the ground floor as a fandom grows, or get precise with targeting fans of a specific niche that you might not find access to otherwise. Fandom lets you reach consumers at every nook and cranny of the fan experience.

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Join the Conversation

A core part of the fan experience is coming together with others to celebrate shared interests, whether online or IRL. Joining the conversation shows that you care about what fans care about—and that you care about enhancing their experience as a fan.

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Create Impactful Experiences

High Impact Media Placements

Unlock unrivaled reach to fans with our suite of impactful ad placements.

  • Brand safe inventory

  • IAB standard & custom interactive units

  • Deep library of first-party data segments

  • Available programmatically or direct

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Sponsor & Create Original Programming

From recaps to story deep dives and more, building custom content around popular franchises is a great way to reach the biggest fan communities out there. Also, connect with our massive audience of fans via programming like our Emmy-nominated Honest Trailers series.

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Host Live or Virtual Events & Experiences

From bringing your IP to life at a convention to creating a ticketed fan-only event promoting a new game launch, we'll work with you to create world-class IRL experiences for your audience.

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Premium Partnerships

For clients that want to do more and go deeper, Fandom offers custom-developed solutions that can be highly tailored to your objectives.

  • Interactive minisites & digital experiences

  • Custom live & virtual events

  • Talent & influencer integrations

  • Never-been-done-before programs

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See how brands like DoorDash and Xfinity engaged fans through custom programs with Fandom.

Find out what fans are made of.

FanDNA is Fandom’s proprietary entertainment research service that analyzes the behavior of our 350 million monthly users to help brands understand the complex forces that drive fan behavior.
Find out what insights we can decode on your audience.

Brand & Fan Safe

Fandom is built on the principles of community and collaboration, with a shared responsibility to build a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community of fans and creators.


Regulatory compliance and brand safety partnerships drive trust with users and advertising partners.


Supervision and moderation of content ensures safe environments.


Fandom is a worry-free, trusted channel for advertisers who want to engage with active communities.

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