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Inside Gaming 2023 - Gaming Across Generations

Gaming fans are too massive an audience to be targeted monolithically - Read our study to reveal generational differences that can help you engage Fandom's 225M gaming fans more authentically.

Evelyn Sum


B2B Marketing


Apr 13, 2023

Understanding Gamers And Their Motivations Is Key To Breaking Through

Video game franchises have taken mainstream media by storm and gaming as a pastime is showing no signs of slowing down - its a hobby that has captured the cultural zeitgeist and crossed generational lines, and there's no such thing as a ‘typical gamer’ any more. Now, more than ever, the industry needs to adopt a more nuanced and generational approach to game development & marketing in order to make a true impact with gaming fans.

Fandom's Inside Gaming 2023 report pairs Fandom’s robust, proprietary user data with a custom global study that examines how gamer motivations and behaviors vary by generation and provides a playbook for the gaming industry at large on how to truly understand the mindset of a gaming fan.

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Here are some of the key insights from the study:

  • Gaming engagement is rising across all ages, platforms, and genres, with 45% of gamers spending more time gaming than ever.

  • While time spent is increasing among younger audiences, Millennials spend the most time gaming, with 52% ranking gaming as their #1 interest and 40% spending 22+ hours per week playing, more than any other generation.
  • Want to connect with gamers? Support their interests. 86% of Fandom gamers are influenced to purchase a brand or product that invests significantly in the gaming space, and nearly half are heavily influenced to do so.
  • Co-gaming with parents and guardians is on the rise. Family-friendly campaigns highlighting the benefits of gaming as a bonding activity could be a great way to reach this growing audience.

For further information, contact gaming@fandom.com

Download the full report and reach gamers more authentically with your next campaign!

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