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Fandom Decodes The Tug-Of-War for Fan Attention Between Gaming & Entertainment Companies in 2024 Inside Entertainment Study

March 25, 2024


Study Identifies a New Target Audience - The “Switchers” - and Why Dramas Could Be the Next Big Gaming Franchise

San Francisco, CA - March 25, 2024 - Forget the gaming vs. entertainment narrative.

Fandom, the world’s largest fan platform, today released its annual Inside Entertainment study which reveals a nuanced reality: fans crave both immersive gaming worlds AND timeless storytelling across tv and film, NOT one or the other. Leveraging first-party data from Fandom’s extensive platform - 350 million monthly unique visitors, 45 million pages of content and 250k fan-powered wikis - coupled with a global study, Inside Entertainment: The Entertainment & Gaming Tug of War goes beyond industry headlines to:

  • Understand the dynamic coexistence between the gaming and TV/film industries

  • Identify a brand new audience - the “Switchers”

  • Detail why dramas and book adaptations present a huge opportunity to be the next hit video game franchise

“Every industry analysis refers to the battle for fans' attention across entertainment and gaming but we've found that it's not an either or. In fact, combined, entertainment and gaming experiences strengthen fan connection and deliver incremental engagement," said Stephanie Fried, CMO of Fandom. "Understanding the interplay between these mediums is key to building authentic and enduring fan experiences; and understanding the value and role of each medium is essential for developing powerful marketing messaging to attract and retain fans.”

Key Findings

  • 67% of fans are spending the same or more time consuming content or playing video games, but their behavior is shifting:
    • 33% are spending less time on cable or in theaters - and the number one activity they’re switching to is gaming (59%)

  • 'Switchers' refers to the audience moving away from watching movies & binging TV shows in their free time to do other activities. Outside of gaming, switchers are also spending time:
    • On social media (47%), reading (56%) and doing hobbies (37%)

    • With 56% of the switcher audience spending time reading, it presents an opportunity to re-engage this audience and pull them back into the ecosystem with new content strategies, like book-to-game or book-to-film cross over adaptations

  • But don’t worry entertainment companies. Just as gaming is the #1 activity for entertainment fans, watching TV and movies is the #1 activity gamers turn to when taking a break from gaming - which means these industries are inevitably intertwined and could benefit from joint endeavors or conquest/win-back strategies

  • Drama could be #1 untapped genre for gaming companies to explore when looking for their next big hit. Our data uncovers that drama fans who also game gravitate towards genres like:

    • Role-Playing (RPG): 73%

    • Adventure: 72%,

    • Simulation: 62%,

    • Sandbox/Open World: 62%,

    • Puzzle: 60%

  • Gaming wins on super serving the emotional needs of fans, identifying a niche area streamers & studios should not only be aware of - but double down on:
    • 82% of gamers think video games are more interactive & engaging than movies and TV

    • 59% feel more accomplished when playing a video game

    • 53% like that they have more control in the story when playing video games

    • 45% feel more invested in the storylines in video games

Top 3 Takeaways For Advertisers and Marketers

  1. Gaming is a Friend vs. a Foe
    • Despite common misconceptions, there is a true symbiotic relationship between the gaming and entertainment industries - they both serve different emotional needs for fans and can actually complement each other - with the right fan strategy.

    • Therefore, if studios, networks and streaming companies cater to the distinct emotional desires of their specific audiences, they can successfully influence a fan’s choice between mediums and content types and build out a more robust conquest strategy for both retention and acquisition.

  2. Sway the Switchers
    • Switchers are the audience entertainment companies should be first and foremost targeting in this “tug of war” to capture fan attention, because switching to watching TV & movies is the first activity gamers engage in after they stop playing. This underscores the importance for entertainment companies to develop strategies that resonate with these “switchers.”

  3. Find your Niche
    • With the growing intersection between gaming and entertainment, it's crucial for studios, networks, and streamers to align on a gaming strategy that drives viewer engagement and retention.

    • While many entertainment companies know they need a focus on gaming to drive their business forward - how and where are often barriers. Developing a gaming-specific fan strategy by finding niche pockets in the vast ecosystem - like targeting drama fans or creating book adaptations - is key for reaching a high affinity target at scale.

An executive summary of the study with additional data points can be found HERE.

For an interview with a Fandom executive to discuss the study in more detail, please contact Rachelle Savoia at

The 2024 Inside Entertainment study regionally analyzes the dynamics between diverse forms of entertainment based on a survey of 5,500 entertainment and gaming fans aged 13-54 These insights were validated and deepened through Fandom’s proprietary, first-party data from 2024 - more than 350 million monthly unique visitors, 45 million pages of content across 250,000 wikis. This methodology provides a 360-degree view of franchises and fan interest across the entertainment and gaming landscape through the eyes of Fandom.

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