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Fandom Launches New Interactive Video Offering Allowing Fans to Deep Dive Into Their Favorite TV Shows, Games & Movies Like Never Before

November 1, 2021

Fandomized Trailers and Interactive Guides & Maps Give Gamers, TV and Movie Lovers an Immersive, Personalized Video Experience

Fandom Interactive Video Provides Advertisers with Unique & Customizable Opportunities for Upcoming TV, Movie & Game Releases

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – NOVEMBER 1 2021 - Fandom, the world's largest fan platform, has launched an exclusive, customizable video offering allowing fans to create a personalized video experience with the TV shows, movies & video games they love. Fandom Interactive Video is a immersive video experience that puts the fans in control, allowing them to engage and navigate imagined worlds like never before, including:

Fandomized Trailers
- for upcoming releases, Fandom customizes movie & TV show trailers to include clickable graphics offering facts, lore, and direct access to Fandom's expansive wiki communities, giving viewers the opportunity to go outside the trailer experience to learn information on the franchise that they are personally interested in.
View the Fandomized Trailer for Apple TV+'s Foundation here:

Interactive Guides & Maps
- this feature allows fans to dive deeper into what interests them most about the games, shows and movies they love: weapons, vehicles, characters, and more. This personalized tour through the imagined world effortlessly immerses fans in their favorite franchises and provides the information and knowledge needed to up their game.Through interactive maps, fans can to travel a fictional world, Fandom-style, and control which regions they want to learn about. Users can explore every quest in the latest Elder Scrolls Online Downloadable Content, or go on a video walking tour of Hyrule from Legends of Zelda.
View the Interactive Guide for new Diablo video game release here:

Advertisers can now create an engaging experience for fans through Fandom Interactive, providing access to their brands like never before. Fandom has seen a 40% year-over-year surge in video sales growth for its branded content, and now through this new product, Fandom is providing ad partners with a custom, relevant branded experience with deeper impact. Through these interactive video options, Fandom provides advertisers an environment where brands can deliver their message while deepening fans' connection to their favorite franchises, and in turn, fans receive custom advertising content relevant to their personal preferences.

Future iterations of Fandom Interactive will include personalized recommendations such as shoppable options, custom experiences for advertising clients, and "choose your own adventure" opportunities.

"As the leading global platform for fans, we're constantly looking for new ways to superserve fans and provide unique and engaging content around their favorite franchises, allowing them to experience their fandoms like never before" said Michael Chiang, Chief Business Officer at Fandom. "Fandom Interactive puts the fans in control of their online experience, giving them the tools to access the content they personally want, while acting as a guide throughout our expansive wiki platforms so fans can easily find the information they want to consume. It also provides a completely one-of-a-kind opportunity for advertisers to deliver meaningful branded content to fans like never before."


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