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Fandom Releases the Top Entertainment & Game Choices of 2021 Including State-By-State Fan Favorites

December 21, 2021

Want to Know What Fans Think the Top Superpowers Are?

How About the Top Movie Deaths of Year?

Fandom's Got You Covered!

SAN FRANCISCO – December 20, 2021 - Fandom, the world's largest fan platform, announces the fan-favorite choices in TV, movies, video games - and more! - for 2021. With over 250,000 fan-powered wiki communities on every topic imaginable in entertainment and gaming, Fandom is the center of the pop culture ecosystem. Whether you venture to Fandom to discover facts about TV shows, movies or video games, to share knowledge with like-minded fans, or to immerse yourself in your favorite imagined world, Fandom is a place where every fan has a home. Fandom analyzed billions of first-party data points across its 40 million pages of content to uncover fun facts, fan-favorite movie scenes, and even the most popular superpowers of the last year based on web traffic. Want to know the state-by-state analysis of most popular movies, video games and TV shows according to fans? Fandom's got you covered!

Top Superpowers of 2021

Top Superpowers of 2021: If you could have any superpower, what would it be? According to fans, magic, telekinesis and darkness manipulation top the "wish list" for all us wanna be superheroes! Check out the full list here.

Top Movie Deaths

Top Movie Deaths: There have been some epic endings to our favorite - and not so favorite - movie characters. Which scenes do fans love the most? Find out here!

Top TV Show by State

Top Shows by State: While much of the country was following the Dutton family on Yellowstone this year, did you know that people in New Jersey preferred karate kid action with Cobra Kai? There are also Succession super-fans in New York & California. Check out Fandom's article to learn more about what TV shows were fan-favorites in each state here.

Top Games by State

Top Games by State: While fans in Kentucky were gaming with Resident Evil all year long, in Oregon they were all about Minecraft. Check out Fandom's state-by-state breakdown of the top games that had fans hooked in 2021 here.

Top Movie Communities

Top Movie Communities: How do you start picking the most popular movies of the year? See what the fans love, of course. Read all about Fandom's biggest movie communities according to their most important critics here.

Top TV Communities

Top TV Communities: Want to know what the fastest growing TV wiki communities on Fandom were in 2021? Yellowstone, Ted Lasso and Narcos are among the top - just to name a few. Read the full article here.

Top TV Shows

Top TV Shows: There are a ton of year-end lists about the favorite shows of the year. But what shows do the true fans really love? Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, The Walking Dead, and Grey's Anatomy! Find the complete list here.

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