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Fandom Unveils the Top Fan Entertainment & Gaming Picks of 2022

December 12, 2022

List Includes Which MCU & DC Characters are the Fan Favorites, What Streaming Services Fans Flocked To in 2022, and a State-by-State Breakdown of the Top Movies, TV Shows & Games

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 12, 2022 – Sure, there was a ton of hype around the Top Gun reboot, and yes, Danger Zone may still be stuck on repeat in our heads. And who could escape the House of the Dragon vs. The Rings of Power face-off? Not us. But - did those IPs really move the needle for fans? With over 250,000 fan-powered wiki communities on every topic imaginable in entertainment and gaming, Fandom analyzed billions of first-party data points across its 45 million pages of content. We've uncovered fun facts, fan-favorite streaming platforms, which LGBTQ characters fans loved, and who the most popular MCU & DC Universe characters of the last year were, and the results may just surprise you!

Top Movie Communities
The box office was buzzing this year with a ton of highly-anticipated titles that stole headlines in 2022, but were those really the fan favorites? From Star Wars to Harry Potter, Fandom broke down the "Top 5 Movie Communities" of 2022 - according to fans.

Top TV Communities
Whether they were researching the Upside Down or diving into our Breaking Bad community to get the scoop on Better Call Saul, there were countless ways fans could explore their favorite series this year. What TV communities did fans visit the most though?

Top Anime Communities
From the Japanese manga series Naruto to a classic like Dragon Ball, fans had a ton of anime to indulge in this year, but what did they lean into the most?

Top Gaming Communities
Fans flocked to our wikis for gameplay tips & tricks and to collect character information on Genshin Impact, but what game releases from the past year really moved the needle for gamers?

Top Streaming Services
As an overwhelming amount of streaming offerings continue to hit the market, fans have countless ways to consume their favorite content. So, what streaming services are the fan-favorites? Disney+'s massive content library makes it the fans' #1 choice with Netflix as their second go-to option

Top Streaming Content
Want to know what streaming content impacted fans the most in 2022? From The Boys to The Handmaid's Tale, Fandom dove into its data to highlight the top 5 fan picks on some of the most popular streaming services in 2022.

Top Characters
Want to win a bar bet on which characters across movies, TV, gaming, and anime drew the most fan interest in 2022? Fandom has you covered!

Top Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters
Fandom took a look deep into its massive MCU & DC communities to uncover what superheroes fans were eager to learn more about this year. Did popular characters like Spiderman and Thor make the top 5? These fan choices may just surprise you!

Top DC Extended Universe Characters
From Wonder Woman to Aquaman, there are many superheroes that DC fans love, but who are the top 5? Take a peek at our list of which DC characters fans researched the most in 2022.

Top LGBTQIA+ Characters
While Euphoria may not have made our list of top 5 TV communities this year, two of its characters have certainly made an impact! Check out Fandom's list of top LGBTQ characters across entertainment this year.

Top Movies by State
Elvis made an impact on fans in Nevada and Oregon this year, but did you know that people in neighboring state Idaho preferred DCU's Black Adam? Fans in California were feeling Top Gun: Maverick this year, while New Yorkers preferred The Batman. What show was the fan pick in your state?

Top TV Shows by State
Do you think Montana's top TV show is Yellowstone? Nope! It's Bridgerton. What about Ozark in Missouri? Try again. Missourians are big Star Wars fans and loved Andor the most in 2022. Check out Fandom's breakdown for favorite TV shows by state.

Top Games by State
While fans in Kansas were gaming to God of War: Ragnarok all year long, fans in Vermont were all about Elden Ring. Fandom's list of gaming faves explains more.

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