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High octane racer games and post-apocalyptic novels arrive at Fanatical

November 16, 2021

Two new exclusive bundles now live on store

November 16th, 2021 - Whether you like to game, or enjoy reading, leading digital retailer Fanatical has this week launched two exclusive new bundles that will appeal to both audiences.

First up for gamers, it's time to bring the TNT to your games library and experience an explosive selection of heart-thumping PC titles with the brand-new Build your own Nitro Bundle. From chilled-out cruising down neon retro highways to intense battles of destruction in wreck-littered arenas, this collection brings you on-road, offroad, and everything in between.

Titles featured in this exclusively curated collection include the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive' rated action parkour racer Clustertruck, combat destruction racer Crashday Redline Edition, action racer Guts and Glory, and many more great games. The Build your own Nitro Bundle is available from just $1 USD (£0.85 GBP / €1 EU) and you can choose up to 10 Steam PC games from the mix.

Want to sit back, relax and enjoy some post-apocalyptic reads? Why not immerse yourself in a gripping series of ‘Mad Max-like' tales from the creative minds of James Axler and Jack Adrian, with the brand-new Deathlands Sci-Fi Novels Bundle (Vols 1-40). Featuring three tiers of 80s classic digital novels and three bonus audiobooks, you'll follow brave survivors caught in a brutal nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, which has devastated both countries and subsequently the entire planet.

All that remains is death, severe mutated illnesses from the flared firestorms, and a chilling nuclear winter known as 'Skydark'. With three tiers in total and three bonus audiobooks, there's plenty of adventures to discover with Ryan Cawdor and his companions.

The Deathlands Sci-Fi Novels Bundle starts from just $1 USD (£0.85 GBP / €1 EU) for Tier One, featuring Deathlands Vol 1-4 and the Deathlands Audiobook 1 Pilgrimage to Hell audiobook.


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